Podcast: Barack Obama (Beginner)

Are you looking for lesson materials for true beginners? Try our new beginner lesson about Barack Obama. Here is a podcast preview to share with your beginners.

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Podcast: Barack Obama (Low-Intermediate)

Share this week’s podcast with your low-intermediate learners, and try our ready-made Famous People lesson plan.

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Podcast: Valentine’s Day (Beginner)

Share this Valentine’s Day podcast with your beginner English learners. Then try our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson plan.

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Podcast: Freedom of the Press

Share this week’s listening practice with your English learners, and try having a debate in class.

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Podcast: Cardinal, Ordinal, & Nominal Numbers

This week’s podcast features three dialogues from our Functional English lesson, Saying & Writing Numbers. Share this podcast with your English learners, and try our ready-made lesson plan.

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