Inauguration: Word Family & Synonyms

Our editor takes a look at the form and function of the words in this family and compares them with common synonyms.

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Everyday Dialogues 4.0 – Now with Assessment Tasks

Our Everyday Dialogues section now has assessment tasks! Find out all about version 4.0.

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“Post-Truth” & Hyphenation with Prefixes

Our editor takes a look at Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year and examines the pros and cons of using hyphens with prefixes.

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Our Favorite Posts from 2016

Wondering what you’ll find on the ESL Library blog? Have a look at our favorite posts from 2016!

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Podcast – Hillary Clinton (Beg – Low Int)

Share this week’s podcast with your English learners, and try our beginner-level Hillary Clinton lesson.

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