Podcast – Elephants

Share this week’s podcast with your English learners, and encourage your students to share these amazing facts about elephants.

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Grateful Girl – A Thanksgiving Listening Activity

Thanksgiving is coming up! What will your students be thankful for? Share this audio story and challenge your students to create a similar one. Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Spark Dynamic Discussions Outside the Classroom! 10 Web Tools & Apps

Get your students talking outside of the classroom with these fun, free apps & tools reviewed by edtech expert Shelly Terrell.

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Podcast – Earthquakes (Int – High Int)

Share this podcast with your English learners, and try this science lesson from our Famous Things section.

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Inclusive Language in ELT

Our editor reviews what she learned in a recent inclusivity seminar and discusses how it applies to ELT materials and classrooms.

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