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The Month to Share your Ideas

Are you bursting with creative energy this September? Many teachers are! September is the perfect month to take a look inside the classrooms of other English teachers from around the world. ELT bloggers share ideas, tips, reflections, and concerns on a daily basis. ¬†This month we’ve updated our ELT blog roll. You’ll find a number of blogs you can visit whenever you’re looking for a little inspiration. On Fridays, we dig through the ELT blogosphere to find an archived post to feature for our #Follow Friday Tribute. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, September is the perfect month to get started!

Authentic Materials Have you tried our Something to Talk About section yet? This is a free section that is open to non-subscribers. Whether you need a break from your course book, or are building your own curriculum, our Something To Talk About section has a large collection of ideas for using authentic resources in class. As one teacher told us a few weeks back, the ideas are perfect when you’re having one of those days when you’re feeling uninspired.

New Lesson Plans this Month

  • Grammar Practice Worksheet: Adjective Phrases
  • Famous Things: September 11th
  • Holidays & Events: Labour Day
  • Famous People: 9/11 Heroes
  • Tiny Conversations (NEW section for beginners): 4 new lessons for absolute beginners
  • In the works:

    Everyday Dialogues: We are expanding our popular Everyday Dialogues section with new topics that have been requested by real teachers.

    September Features

    September 11 10th AnniversaryHolidays –¬†September 11th tenth Anniversary: Patriot Day It has been 10 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Choose from a collection of 9/11 related lesson plans as you and your students remember this devastating event that changed the world.

    Discussion Starters The Importance of Community: September 26th is Good Neighbours Day. If you’re looking for an idea to celebrate this special day, try our Discussion Starter lesson on the Importance of Community.

    Every day is a Holiday- Grandparents’ Day : Whether you call it Grandparents’ Day or Respect for the Elderly Day, it is a day that deserves to be celebrated. Grandparents hold the key to our past and often the secrets that can improve our future. Why not visit a retirement home and adopt a grandparent or two for your classroom. (September 11)

    School subject flashcardsFlashcards-School Subjects. This flashcard collection goes beyond the usual subjects of math, English, and science, and includes images of optional classes such as typing, driver’s ed, and band.

    Teaching Tip: Engaging Parents this School Year

    Shelly TerrellStudents and teachers aren’t the only ones who find September a stressful month. Many parents want to be more involved with their children’s learning process, but some don’t know how to approach the teacher. Dealing with parents who have English as a Second language can be difficult, but it should not be avoided. Shelly Terrell came up with some excellent tips for engaging parents this school year. From keeping parents active, to inviting them to a workshop, there are many things you can do to ensure that the parents of your students are not afraid to approach you with their ideas and concerns. A big thank you to all of our guest bloggers!

    Happy teaching!

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