World Cup Lesson Plans & Materials

Intermediate Lesson Plan

Will you be talking about football (soccer) and the World Cup with your students this month? The World Cup attracts more interest than any other sporting event in the world. In our ready-made intermediate lesson plan, students learn about the history of the World Cup. They face off in a vocabulary match and work on an information gap exercise about the mystery of the missing trophy. Check out the World Cup podcast preview here. We also have a World Cup lesson plan for beginners.


ESL Lesson Plan

More World Cup Materials and Ideas

If you are interested in finding other materials and ideas to use during the World Cup, check out the collection below. ESL Library and Sprout English (our sister site for teachers of young learners) have plenty of materials to try this month.

Discussion Starters: Hosting the World
Discuss the true costs of hosting the world. Do we all need to lower our standards in order to put the focus back on the game? This lesson is for high-intermediate to advanced students. Students review sentence patterns for “Hope” Vs. “Wish.

Famous Things: Soccer
This lesson is all about the sport itself. While North Americans refer to this sport as “soccer,” it is known as “football” in most places around the world.

Famous People: Pele
This charismatic Brazilian soccer legend still holds numerous national and international soccer records.

Famous People: David Beckham
After reading a brief bio about English footballer David Beckham, students review some commonly confused words.

Something To Talk About: Brazilian Police Try To Clean Up The Slums
A related discussion topic and some authentic materials

Using the World Cup’s Yellow/Red Card System for Classroom Management
A fun idea for classroom management during the World Cup

Word Bank Lesson: Soccer (Football)
A beautifully designed lesson plan for young learners

Story and an Idiom: The Dog That Was On The Ball
A World Cup listening activity (Free to non-subscribers)

May the best team win!


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