English Lesson Plans for New Year’s

Happy New Year! We hope you will start the year with a New Year’s lesson plan from our Holiday & Events section. These lessons are suitable to use throughout January while you’re discussing holidays and resolutions.

New Year’s Lesson Plans

New Year’s – Beginner This lesson includes a short reading, vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, and writing practice. Students review vocabulary with a word puzzle.

New Year’s – Low-Int – Int This lesson includes a reading, vocabulary review tasks, comprehension questions, and writing practice. Students practice writing wh-questions and New Year’s resolutions. Podcast preview here.

New Year’s – High-Int – Adv Despite sharing a common date, countries around the world celebrate the new year in a multitude of ways. Students learn about the New Year’s ball in Times Square. Idioms are introduced. Podcast preview here.

Find other Holiday lesson plans in our Holiday & Events section.


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