Following Instructions at the Pool

Do you teach swimming to English learners or newcomers or know someone who does? Following Instructions at the Pool is a useful introduction to swimming words and instructions that newcomers may not be familiar with.

We’ve made this resource available for non-members so that lifeguards and swimming instructors who may not be English language teachers can access it freely.

Here is the audio that goes with the listening activity on page 4. You can stream or download the audio.

ESL Library members will also find this resource (and many related materials) in our Visual Learning section.


Here’s what you can / cannot do with this PDF:
You can use this resource for free with your students or swimmers for educational purposes. You may make photocopies for your students and your classroom walls. You may email your students a link to this page, so that they can access the file on their own. You may not alter or republish the resource. You may not upload the poster to any server. Thanks for respecting our work!

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