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Water Sports FlashcardsESL-Library has a a wide variety of lesson plans and flashcards that you can use when you’re teaching sports-themed units. We have lessons on team and individual sports as well as famous athletes. You will also find a beginner lesson plan on Sports that can be used in combination with our flashcards. Our popular Olympics lesson plan and newly designed flashcards are used by teachers around the world whenever the Games come around. If there is a sport or athlete you want us to add to our library, please let us know!

Sports-Themed Materials in the ESL-Library

Introduction to Sports Vocabulary
Sports and Athletes Simple Sentences (beginner)

Team Sports and Athletics
Skateboarding Famous Things
Hockey Famous Things (Podcast here)
(American) Football Famous Things (Podcast here)
Soccer Famous Things (Podcast here)
Golf Famous Things
Rugby Famous Things
Cricket Famous Things
Basketball Famous Things
Baseball Famous Things (Podcast here)
Frisbee Mini-Bios (beginner)
The Olympics Famous Things (Podcast here)
Track and Field Famous Things (Podcast here)
The Calgary Stampede Famous Things (Podcast here)

Discussion Topics
Athlete Salaries Discussion Starters (Podcast here)
Extreme sports Discussion Starters (Podcast here)
Steroids in Sports Discussion Starters (Podcast here)
Recreation Living in English
Alternative Fitness Blog
Extreme Sportsman Aborts Sky Jump Blog
Traffic Jam on Mount Everest Blog
Airbags for Extreme Sports Blog
We Like To Move It: Tips for Keeping your Students Active By Shelly Terrell
Famous Athletes

David Beckham Famous People
Pele Famous People
James Naismith Famous People
Wa-Tho-Huk Mini-Bios (beginner)
Jackie Robinson Mini-Bios (beginner)
Bruce Lee (beginner) Mini-Bios (beginner)
Muhammad Ali Mini-Bios (beginner)

Sports Flashcards

Sports FlashcardsFlashcards: Sports Actions, Athletes, Exercise Clothing, Sports, Sports Equipment, Water Sports, Winter Sports, Outdoor Recreation, Olympics


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