ESL Lesson Plans on Innovation

In the ESL-Library you will find a wide variety of materials on inventions and inventors. Browse through our list, and print the ones you’re interested. Be sure to let us know if we’re missing an important topic, and we’ll consider adding it to our library.

ESL Materials: Inventors and Inventions

Famous People: Charles Goodyear, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Norman Bethune, Albert Einstein, The Wright Brothers, Walt Disney
Famous Things: Braille, Ballpoint Pen, Paper, Hemp, Glass, Plastic, Hybrid Car, The Internet
Famous Places: The Space Station, The Channel Tunnel, The Great Pyramids, The Great Wall, The Parthenon
Mini Bios: Barber Pole, Barbie, Bikini, Frankenstein, Frisbee
Discussion Starters: Flu Shots, Kids and Technology, Banning Plastic Bags, eBooks, Fair Trade, Cosmetic Surgery
Mini-Debates: Napster (File sharing), Animal Testing, Teen Botox
Flashcards: Tools, Toys, Cameras, Telephones, Electronics and Gadgets, Computers, Medical Treatment
And finally, check out our free Warmups and Fillers. You may be able to use some of the activities in a unit on innovation. Check out  Unfinished Business , Retirement Party, and Whatcha Makin’.

If we don’t have lesson plans on the inventors or inventions you need, send us a request!


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