ESL Lesson Plans On Air and Space Travel

In the ESL-Library you will find a wide variety of materials on air travel, astronauts and space exploration. Browse through our list, and print the ones you want to use with your students. Be sure to let us know if we’re missing an important topic, and we’ll consider adding it to our library. We have podcasts of many of these lesson plans. Your students can preview the reading by listening to it! 

ESL Materials: Air and Space

Chris Hadfield Lesson PlanFamous People: Chris Hadfield (Podcast here) Students read about the astronaut who made space travel cool! Review “affect” and “effect” and practise using “not only, but…”. Be sure to show your students Hadfield’s Space Oddity music video!

Neil Armstrong Lesson Plan

Famous People: Neil Armstrong (Podcast here) Students read a brief bio about Neil Armstrong. After reviewing comprehension and vocabulary, they discuss Neil Armstrong’s famous quote with the missing article “a.”

Yuri Gagarin Lesson Plan Famous People: Yuri Gagarin was the first person to orbit the earth in a spacecraft.The Russian government sent him and his wife on a world tour so that everyone would know about the success of its space program.

ESL Lesson Plan on The Wright BrothersFamous People: The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright invented and flew the world’s first powered aircraft. They spent years improving their designs and built planes for the army. They also trained pilots to fly.

International Space Station Lesson PlanFamous Places: The International Space Station is the largest space project and the biggest engineering venture ever undertaken. It is a long-term research laboratory for space exploration.

New Moon Race Lesson PlanDiscussion Starters: The New Moon Race (Podcast here) In the 1950s and 60s the US and the Soviet Union had an intense rivalry. They both wanted to be the first to explore space. Which country will be the next to put a man on the moon?

Amelia Earhart Lesson PlanMini Bios: Amelia Earhart was the first woman pilot to fly over the Atlantic by herself. She became a national heroine. Next, she wanted a bigger challenge. She wanted to fly around the world. (beginner)

ESL Lesson Plan on DronesDiscussion Starters: Drones (Podcast here) Students read about the controversial use of drones in warfare and the potential for domestic use in the future. The lesson includes vocabulary review exercises and discussion questions.

Aviation and Travel English Lesson PlansTraveling in English: Students learn vocabulary, expressions, and English usage that is useful for air travel. You will find a variety of lesson plans in this section: On a Plane, Changing a Flight, Baggage Claim, Customs, Checking In, Security. You will also find other travel-related lesson plans in this section. (Intermediate)

Grammar So and Such Lesson PlanGrammar Stories: Such a Long Trip – So and Such (Podcast here) Review “so” and “such” through a series of three grammar stories told by blogger Adele. Our Grammar Stories lesson plans can be used to review grammar that you have already taught, or to introduce new grammar. Use in conjunction with our Grammar Practice Worksheets.

Airport FlashcardsFlashcards: At the airport – Find a variety of flashcards of things you will find and see at the airport. (beginner)

If we don’t have the materials you need on air or space travel, send us a request! And, if you teach young learners, jet over to Sprout English, and check out this lesson all about astronauts. You’ll also find a Discovery Center lesson plan on Super Jumbo Jets!


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