ESL Lesson Plans and Resources on Love, Dating, Marriage, and Relationships

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Valentine's FlashcardsLove is in the air! Does your curriculum call for you to teach vocabulary and expressions related to “love” and “relationships”? Are you looking for materials to use for Valentine’s Day? You can find plenty of materials on this theme in the ESL-Library. The following list includes flashcards, flashcard ideas, Valentine’s Day lessons, discussion starters, idioms, podcasts, blog posts, and more…Please share this list of ESL lesson plans and resources on “Love” with your colleagues and teacher friends via your Facebook accounts and in your twitter feeds. They’ll love you for it!

PS: See Tanya’s “Capitalization and Punctuation Rules for Valentine’s Day”.

ESL Lesson Plans and Materials for Valentine’s Day: BeginnerAdvanced

Infographic for Valentine’s Day: Love Idioms (FREE)

Valentine’s Day: Holidays – Low Intermediate

Valentine’s Day: Holidays – IntermediateAdvanced

Chocolate: Health Matters – Intermediate Podcast here

Cocoa Fields: Discussion Starters – Intermediate

Podcast: Valentine’s Day (for beginners)

Flashcards: Many NEW images (updated in 2013)

Flashcard Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Suggested activities for using Valentine’s Day Flashcards

How to Create Your Own Cartoons for Teaching English: Use our Valentines flashcards to create your own cartoons, quizzes, and materials about Valentine’s Day

Idioms – 3 Lesson Series about Love and Relationships (with audio, Intermediate-Advanced)

Everyday Idioms One: First Love – Jon and Amy meet in a video store! This series features 20 lessons of dialogues about their relationship.

Everyday Idioms ESL English LessonsEveryday Idioms Two: First Year – Kate attends her first year of university. This series features 15 conversations as Kate gets her first job, her first roommate, and her first serious boyfriend. Includes quizzes.

Detective SeriesThe Case of the Missing Ring – This detective series for high-intermediate to advanced learners features the story of Emma and her family. Emma is engaged to be married, but the ring has gone missing! Podcast preview here.


Discussion Starters – Intermediate

Soulmates Podcast here

Online Dating  – Podcast here

The Cost of Weddings – Podcast here

Roommates – Podcast here

Cosmetic Surgery –  Podcast here



Health Matters – Intermediate

10 Surprising Facts about the Heart

A Prescription for Happiness –  Podcast here

Famous Places – Intermediate-Advanced

The Love Canal

The Eiffel Tower

Everyday Dialogues – Beginner – Intermediate

Going to a Movie

At a Restaurant

Going for a Coffee



2nd Conditional Grammar Stories


Operation White Cake: Something to Talk About

Child Quick to Accept Gay Couple: Something to Talk About

What Makes a Tear Jerker? Something to Talk About

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