Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns Game: Change Your Socks!

Looking for a fun and educational review game? Your students will love shouting at each other to change their socks!

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Clowning Around in the ESL Classroom

The last few weeks of school are often centered around review and having fun. Here are three silly games to try along with some materials from our Young Learners & Literacy section. 1. Clown Around Suggestion: Use this game with our Simple Present lesson in our Fun Grammar Lessons section. This game is like Simon Says, except […]

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End-of-Year English Skit for ELLs: See You Later, Alligator

Practice saying goodbye and try this fun, easy year-end skit with your young ELLs.

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Mother’s Day Theme: Animals & Babies

Are you looking for Mother’s-Day-themed ideas for your YL classroom? This is the perfect week to talk, sing, and learn about animals and their fur babies!

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Home Sweet Home: Reviewing Prepositions of Place

Review prepositions of place with this extra listening activity. Then challenge your students to make their own recording.

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