6 Ways to Set Goals with Students

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions and goals are a great discussion topic for English learners. Turn goal-setting into a lesson with these six methods based on discussion, writing, and grammar. Learn the benefits to having your students set academic goals!

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Resource List – Grammar, Teaching Tips, and More

Check out this summary of my last 50 blog posts! Find helpful information on teaching, grammar, spelling & vocabulary, punctuation, language controversies, holidays, and activities.

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My Favorite Warm-Up Activity

Students begin this activity thinking they’re describing animals, but the twist is that they’re really describing themselves! Laughter is guaranteed.

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7 Christmas and New Year's Classroom Activities

Take a break from the norm and try these festive holiday activities with your students.

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An Idiom for Election Week: a dead heat

Many political idioms actually come from horse racing. Knowing the origin of an idiom can help it stick in a learner’s mind.

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