Fun Web Games & Resources to Help ELLs with Typing and Spelling

Learning how to type is an engaging way for ELLs to enhance their spelling skills. Shelly Terrell shares tips and online games for typing and spelling practice.

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12 Tools to Ensure All Students Participate Meaningfully

Shelly Terrell shares collaborative web tools that give all students the opportunity to voice their opinions, perspectives, or ideas about your in-class material.

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10 Uplifting Ways Students Can Use Tech this Season

Shelly Terrell offers timely tips for combining edtech with charity.

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7 Incredible Websites & Tools to Enhance English Comprehension & Fluency

Shelly Terrell shares free websites and web tools that engage your English learners and help them build fluency and comprehension. Some of these web tools are powered by machine learning.

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Engage Learners with Bell-Ringer Activities

Shelly Terrell shares tips and resources for using bell ringers to engage language learners as they walk into class.

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