How about a Meetup?

Language learning does not have to be put on hold after the final bell of the school year rings and formal ESL classes are on hiatus.

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My story: A Year Teaching English in Morocco

I had never visited the country before, or been  anywhere in Africa, but the country conjured exotic images of colorful markets, camels and romantic cities like Casablanca.  So I thought, Why not?

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Choosing English Music Videos for the ESL Classroom

Many teachers use English music videos in the language classroom. Peter shares some tips for finding the best ones.

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Teaching English To Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

The modes of communication are as diverse as everything else in our class – some students speak clearly, some are unintelligible.

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Teaching English at the Circus

Shana Kennedy’s husband is part of the Cirque du Soleil’s show TOTEM. When her family ran away with the circus, she began teaching English to the performers.

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