2019: A Fresh Take on Teaching with ESL Library Digital!


In today’s world, educators face the challenge of integrating technology into their lessons while keeping their learners engaged. Most digital learning involves interaction between a student and a screen and limits opportunities for students to learn from each other. ESL Library has stepped up to solve this problem by developing ESL Library Digital (see demo video below). Whether you are a classroom teacher, online instructor, or one‑on‑one tutor, our technology can help you facilitate meaningful discussion and participation.

We started conceptualizing a digital platform to complement our printable PDFs several years ago after receiving many requests for interactive tools that support students’ success. To remain competitive in the rapidly evolving education industry, we realized that a shift from strictly printable materials was inevitable. With students across the globe relying heavily on devices to learn a language, we recognized an opportunity to use our materials to create interactive technology with a purpose. Instead of isolating students behind a screen, we use technology to inspire learning and ignite meaningful dialogue.

Not only does ESL Library Digital offer our high-quality lessons in a new format, but the platform is also designed to administer paired and group activities. Students are prompted to stand up, walk around the class, and engage with their peers. While many education companies aim to replace the social aspect of learning with student self-led screen time, we are determined to create courseware that encourages conversation using digital prompts.


ESL Library Digital is now available to purchase. More than 1,000 active customers and folks with trial accounts are already enjoying it! Sold as an add‑on to the traditional print subscription, ESL Library Digital contains 500+ digital lessons for all ages and levels.

You’ll find the digital lessons as easy to use as our traditional PDFs. Each digital lesson is broken down by task (e.g., Warm‑Up, Vocabulary, Reading, Comprehension, Surveys, etc.). Once you invite your students to join your digital class, you can push tasks directly to their devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.) while you are with your students in the classroom or when students are working online outside of the classroom.

During a digital session, teachers are able to control the content students view on their screens as they work individually or in pairs. To spark a lively discussion, all you have to do is push a survey question or information-gap task students’ way. Or, if you like, you can engage students with an entire digital lesson designed to get them talking.

While having a strong focus on paired and group interaction, ESL Library Digital also includes the capability for teachers to assign tasks as homework, allowing students to work at their own pace. Our customizable platform allows you to assign homework to your whole class or to individual students who require a little extra practice. All results from digital activities (whether in a digital session or assigned as homework) are available to teachers in real time, enabling you to track your students’ progress and identify which areas to focus on.

We are currently offering all our users the chance to enjoy ESL Library Digital and experience the benefits firsthand. Members are eligible for a free one‑month trial. After the trial, digital may be purchased as an add-on to the print subscription. A minimum of 10 students is required, and the annual cost is $20.00 per student. Please view our Pricing page to customize your plan.

Final Thoughts

As a company, we have learned so much from our users in the past year of developing digital, and we will continue to make updates and improvements. Our goal remains to create tasks and activities that encourage communication in any learning environment.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

Your ESL Library Team

PS. Our Digital Help Section will come in handy as you get started! Check out our first-ever ESL Library Digital Webinar (Jan 22, 2019).


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