Spelling Rules for Comparative & Superlative Adjectives

At ESL Library, we think spelling is swell! We’ve recently completed a blog post, grammar resource, and grammar lesson on spelling rules for adding ed to regular past verbs.

The rules for adding er to form comparative adjectives and est for superlative adjectives are quite similar to the rules for adding ed to regular past verbs. If your students aren’t familiar with form and function of these adjectives, review our posts on comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives before presenting the spelling rules below. You can also check out the related materials at the end of this post for further examples and practice.

Spelling Rules for Comparative Adjectives


1. The hotel room is larger than my bedroom at home.
2. An elephant is bigger than a horse.
3. Today’s test was easier than last week’s.
4. My new pillow is softer than my old one.

Spelling Rules for Superlative Adjectives


1. My painting is the largest one on the wall.
2. He is working for the biggest company in the city.
3. That was the easiest test I’ve ever taken.
4. This puppy is the softest one in the litter.


Have students write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives below.

Example: big = bigger, biggest

1. hot
2. loud
3. close
4. thin
5. noisy
6. quiet
7. safe
8. funny
9. wet
10. high

(Answers: 1. hotter, hottest 2. louder, loudest 3. closer, closest 4. thinner, thinnest 5. noisier, noisiest 6. quieter, quietest 7. safer, safest 8. funnier, funniest 9. wetter, wettest 10. higher, highest)


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