Tearable Puns: An English Language Activity

You never know what you’ll find when you step out your door! My good friend found a set of fun puns taped to her community mailbox the other day, and we thought it’d be great to share this idea on our blog.

We know how hard it is for teachers to keep coming up with interesting and educational warm-ups and fillers, so we had our designer create a pdf based on these puns that you can download, print, and use in the classroom. This “punny” activity will be fun and challenging for your intermediate- to advanced-level learners!

Punny Stuff


Ask the class to explain the pun in the activity title (tearable because you can tear off the strips; terrible because some of the puns might make you groan). Then explain what a pun is (a play on words; a joke involving a word or two similar-sounding words that have two meanings).

Next, put students into pairs (or small groups) and have each pair tear off a pun. Have them try to work out what makes their pun funny. Then have each pair explain the pun to the class. Discuss which puns the class find hilarious and which make them roll their eyes.

Once you’ve covered the puns in the first pdf, have your students research or write their own for the second (blank) pdf. You could also write your own with idioms or expressions you’ve been studying in class.


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