Fun Grammar Lessons for Teaching Young Learners

Are you looking for grammar lessons for young English learners? ESL Library’s Fun Grammar Lessons section offers ready-made lessons on all the main grammar targets that make up the building blocks of English. These kid-friendly lessons are packed with visual support and fun activities to keep young learners engaged.

Grammar Lesson Categories

Our Fun Grammar Lessons are divided into the following categories:

  • Verbs
  • Nouns & Pronouns
  • Adjectives & Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Modals
  • Gerunds & Infinitives
  • Sentence Constructions

Lessons can be sorted into these categories using the tag filter on the main Fun Grammar Lessons page. They can also be sorted alphabetically (A–Z icon) and from easiest to most difficult (1–9 icon). Note that the difficulty filter is very handy if you’re looking for our suggested teaching order for all of these lessons!


These lessons have been categorized into the following levels:

  • Beg
  • Beg – Low Int
  • Low Int – Int
  • Int
  • Int – High Int

Please preview the lessons to find out if the levels we’ve chosen are suitable for your learners.

To filter by level, use the sort buttons on the left of the main Fun Grammar Lessons page.

For the recommended teaching order of lessons within the same level, use the difficulty filer (1–9 icon) on the right of the main page.

Lesson Tasks

These comprehensive lessons can be stretched out to last several days. You can print a few pages at a time and use only what you need or hand out a booklet to each student at the beginning of each week and assign some practice pages for homework. Here are some of the tasks you will find in these lessons:

  • grammar notes in easy English*
  • practice exercises
  • pair speaking tasks
  • writing tasks
  • fun activities (cards, games, etc.)
  • quizzes
  • class surveys

*To save paper, consider showing the grammar notes on an overhead projector.

Sample Lesson

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, check out our Simple Present sample lesson to get a feel for what these lessons look like. You can view a lesson from each of our lessons sections in our Sample Lessons area.)

Note: Our Fun Grammar Lessons were designed for teaching young learners. If you teach teen and adult learners, we recommend our Grammar Practice Worksheets section. You will find some overlap in these lessons, so please choose the lesson that is more suitable for your age group.

More Fun for Kids

Here are some other ESL Library sections that you can use with young learners and middle schoolers:


Our Flashcard section can be used with our grammar lessons. You can edit the vocabulary to any word form or tense you need or even print the images without words for quizzes, games, and tests. Be sure to check out all of our new and updated Flashcards. Here’s a demo video featuring all of the printing options for ESL Library flashcards.

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