Introducing Our New Grammar Tests

The month of June means the end of the year for many schools, and that usually means test time! Whether you’re wrapping up the school year, teaching through the summer, or thinking about placement for next year, ready-made tests are always a handy resource for teachers.

We’ve had many requests for tests this past year, and we’ve recently completed a series of grammar tests that can be used for placement, assessment, or review. Most of our team members are former teachers, and we know how time-consuming making your own tests can be. We were only too happy to take this task off teachers’ plates! We plan on developing tests for other skills such as reading, listening, and writing, so stay tuned.


We have four new tests in the Assessment Tools category of our Resources section:


Though developed as a result of teacher requests for grammar placement tests, these tests can in fact be used for a variety of reasons:


Determine your students’ levels within your school’s program, or discover what level of materials to use within the ESL Library (specifically in our Grammar Practice Worksheets section).


Use these tests as major end-of-level tests to see how well students retained the grammar they learned. You could also select the parts of the tests that you covered in class during a certain period to quickly create your own large exit exam or smaller quizzes.


Use these tests for review before students take school exams or other major tests like the TOEIC.


These tests can be used to personalize your classes by uncovering which grammar targets your students are struggling with. Center your lessons around these troublesome areas, or at least focus any extra time on these targets. You can find comprehensive lessons on the grammar points from the tests in our Grammar Practice Worksheets section.


Each test is out of 100 and includes an optional speaking and writing component. (If you choose not to do the speaking or writing, the total will be between 60 and 80, depending on the test.) Aside from the speaking and writing, the tests are meant to be scored quickly and thus contain multiple-choice and one-word answers as much as possible.

Our guidelines for placement are as follows:

Grammar Test 1

A low or mid-range score indicates that students should use our beginner-level materials. A high score indicates that they can use our low-intermediate or intermediate materials.

Grammar Test 2

A low or mid-range score indicates that students should use our beginner or low-intermediate materials. A high score indicates that they can use our intermediate materials.

Grammar Test 3

A low or mid-range score indicates that students should use our intermediate-level materials. A high score indicates that they may be ready for our high-intermediate or advanced materials.

Grammar Test 4

A low or mid-range score indicates that students should use our intermediate or high-intermediate materials. A high score indicates that they can use our advanced materials as well as authentic reading and listening materials.

Grammar Targets

The tests cover the following grammar targets:

Grammar Test 1

  • simple present
  • present progressive
  • parts of speech
  • subject & object pronouns
  • articles
  • nouns
  • adjectives
  • adverbs of frequency
  • prepositions of time
  • prepositions of place
  • simple present & present progressive (mixed-tense exercise)

Grammar Test 2

  • simple past
  • simple future
  • count & non-count nouns
  • pronouns
  • adverbs of manner
  • adverbs & adjectives
  • prepositions of direction
  • conjunctions
  • modals
  • gerunds & infinitives
  • simple present, past & future

Grammar Test 3

  • simple past & past progressive
  • simple future & future progressive
  • simple past & present perfect
  • present perfect & present perfect progressive
  • pronouns
  • tag questions
  • comparative & superlative adjectives & adverbs
  • first, second & third conditional 
  • review of simple tenses

Grammar Test 4

  • past perfect & past perfect progressive
  • future perfect & future perfect progressive
  • passive voice
  • past modals
  • causative & passive causative
  • adjectives clauses
  • adjective phrases
  • adverb clauses & phrases
  • direct & reported speech
  • embedded questions
  • subjunctive
  • review of all tenses

Other Ready-Made Tests & Tools

Aside from our new grammar tests, many of our sections include ready-made quizzes and assessment tasks and tools. Most of our Grammar Practice Worksheets lessons include a quiz at the end of the lesson, and many of our Functional English and Everyday Dialogues lessons include review and assessment tasks. You can also find ready-made and customizable assessment tools and forms in our Resources section.

What other types of tests and materials would you like to see on our site?

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