5 Reasons Why Canadian Teachers Choose ESL Library

Did you know that ESL Library is a Canadian-based company with a head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba? Even though the majority of our subscribers are American teachers, we do our best to take care of Canadian teachers, too! In fact, a growing number of Canadian schools and school boards are purchasing multi-teacher licences to ESL Library and giving their teachers access to our library of ready-made lessons and resources.

Here are 5 reasons why Canadian teachers love ESL Library:

1. We offer Canadian spelling

All of our NEW and updated lessons are offered in US or Canadian spelling. Teachers can choose which spelling they prefer in their account settings. (Note: Some of our older lessons are only available with US spelling, but we’re gradually updating all of our materials.)

2. We have Canadian content

We develop materials that teachers want and need. With so many Canadian teachers on board now, we’re getting a lot of requests for Canadian content. Check out our theme-based O Canada collection to see how we’re growing.

3. We have CLB-aligned lessons

Canadian teachers can now adjust their settings to view lessons by Canadian Language Benchmarks levels (rather than just beginner, intermediate, advanced). CLB level filters are available in sections that focus on real-world tasks. We’ve also started adding CLB Summaries to the Teachers’ Notes of these lessons.

Hi! I’m a LINC teacher in Vancouver and I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your site!! It is so worth the money as your lessons are fantastic and have saved me so much time.

What is interesting is that they’re so much in the same style that I write my own (but much better—and I don’t say that lightly as I see almost no textbooks that have lessons that I don’t need to modify or change—yours are almost all perfect for my needs.)

There are clearly so many CLB-aligned lessons and so many that are on task. I’d love my colleagues to benefit from them as well.

—J. Mitchell

I teach LINC. Sign me up!

Here are a few of the ESL Library course sections that LINC teachers rely on:

4. We allow teachers to sort by competency

Many Canadian ESL teachers are required to focus on real-world tasks in the following competency areas:

  • Interacting with Others (4 Skills)
  • Comprehending Instructions (Reading & Listening)
  • Giving Instructions (Speaking)
  • Getting Things Done (4 Skills)
  • Comprehending Information (Reading & Listening)
  • Sharing Information (Speaking & Writing)
  • Reproducing Information (Writing)

If you are signed in as a Canadian teacher who wishes to view CLB levels, you can choose to sort some of our sections by competency (rather than theme or level). Click on the CLB sort button when logged in to see this filter.

5. We are integrating PBLA

Canada’s LINC teachers are also required to use an integrated form of assessment called Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA). In recent months, we have added several tools to our Resources section. Some of the main assessment forms (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing) are personalizable. (Teachers can download and copy/paste their own criteria and comments into the forms.)

We’re also adding assessment tasks to many of our lessons that focus on real-world tasks. We’ve made great progress in our Everyday Dialogues section and hope to complete this section in the next few months. All new and updated lessons that focus on real-world tasks will have optional assessment tasks and CLB summaries.

English for Newcomers

Our publishing team is currently formatting and editing a new lesson section called English for Newcomers, a course that was written by a Canadian LINC teacher (CLB 4–6). The first lesson, Job Qualifications, is available (with audio and PBLA). We’re updating the other lessons to match this model, and we will be releasing them as they are ready.


Our CEO, Ben Buckwold, will be presenting ESL Library to Canadian teachers at the 2016 TESL Ontario Conference on November 24 and 25. Ben will be unveiling a new digital version of ESL Library that is coming in 2017. We hope to see some of you at the conference. ESL Library is a proud sponsor this year!


PS. Please make sure that your My Account preferences are optimized for Canadian users. Here is a demo video that will help you find our CLB-aligned lessons and PBLA materials.


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  1. Marcia Stehouwer says:

    Jul 05, 2017 at 3:34 am

    When you use intermediate – which benchmarks are you looking at. I currently teach CLB 4 (end of stage 1)

    • Tara Benwell says:

      Jul 05, 2017 at 8:42 am

      If you are logged in as a Canadian subscriber, you will see the actual benchmark range on any lesson that has been aligned with the CLBs (e.g., Everyday Dialogues, Functional English, English for Newcomers, Super Simple Questions). Your profile settings must be set to Canadian to see these. But for lessons that have not been assigned a CLB level yet, Intermediate typically corresponds to Benchmarks 5–8 (Stage 2). We also use Low-Int and High-Int as levels on ESL Library. These typically correspond to CLB 3–4 and CLB 7–8. I hope that helps.

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