10 Ways to Use Summer Olympics Flashcards

ESL Library has an updated vocabulary image set of Summer Olympics flashcards.

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10 Ways to Use Summer Olympics Flashcards

Here are a few fun ways to use ESL Library’s Summer Olympics flashcards during or after the Games. We hope teachers will also share their own ideas in the comments below.


Choose one student to be the artist. Tell the rest of the class to stand up and close their eyes. Show the artist a flashcard. Tell the class to open their eyes.

As the artist starts drawing the flashcard, the other students try to guess the word. Students who want to take a guess have to start doing something active, such as doing jumping jacks (rather than raising a hand). If they guess incorrectly when the teacher calls on them, they have to sit down.

The student who guesses correctly gets to become the new artist who will draw a new word. If they can’t get the answer in a minute or so, show the flashcard to the class. The first person to shout the word becomes the new artist. Repeat.

Hot Seat

Put your class in two groups and assign two students to be captains. Place the captains in chairs facing away from the board. Paste a large-sized flashcard (choose in settings) on the board. The rest of the class has to get their team captain to guess the word by talking about it. You can decide whether or not gestures are allowed. The first captain to guess correctly gets out of the hot seat and gets a team point. A new captain is chosen for the next word.

Spelling Bee or Pronunciation Bee

Pull out a card and have students try to spell the word. Each time students spell the word correctly, they get a point. Make it an active game by requiring students to stand up and do jumping jacks while they spell. A pronunciation bee is just like a spelling bee, but students have to pronounce the words properly.

Sport and Tell

Gather all of the sports cards from the Olympic set. Have students choose a card out of a box. During the Olympics, ask your students to become experts in the sport they chose. They can share news related to their sport and tell the class who won the gold, silver, and bronze. The expert can also share any rules related to this sport. This activity can also be done in pairs. Choose a time each day during the Olympics to have one student or pair report on their sport.

Yes, Coach!

Use the Olympics and Sports Actions cards to play charades (go outside if possible). Have students take turns coming to the front or center of the space to choose cards and model the action (be the “coach”). The other students have to copy the movement of the coach with the card AND try to guess the action word. Whoever guesses first gets to be the next “coach.”

Olympic Memories

Use all of the Summer Olympics flashcards. Hold up one card. Invite students to share any memory they have about the sport or a related athlete. Encourage them to start with the phrase, “I remember when…” or “That reminds me of…”

Shout the Verb

Use the Sports Equipment set. The student who picks the card must complete the question: What can you do with a….? The other students shout actions.

  • football (kick it, throw it,)
  • helmet (wear it)
  • racket (hit it)


Use the cards to practice making predictions about the Olympics. Which countries will get the most gold, silver, and bronze medals? Which country will win the relay? Who will carry the Olympic flag? Simply pull out a random card from the set and ask your students to make a prediction about it. Or, get your students to practice asking the questions.


Use the cards to practice stating preferences. Which sports do your students prefer playing? Which sports do they prefer watching? Why do they prefer one sport over another? Pull out two flashcards at a time and have students practice stating which one they prefer and why.

Create your own Olympic Themed Quizzes and Materials

As a subscriber, you can also make your own Summer Olympics quizzes and materials using our flashcards. All you need to do is drag the images you want onto a document that you are preparing. Please use your materials for personal classroom use only.

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