Compare and Contrast Goats and Sheep for Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! Is it the Year of the Goat, the Ram, or the Sheep? That depends who you ask. The confusion, however, is pretty straightforward. The Mandarin character yang means horned animal.

Compare and Contrast

If you’re an English teacher, it might be fun to have your students compare and contrast the goat and the sheep. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What is a ram? What are the arguments for why each animal deserves the title this year?

You could also hold a debate. Print page 5 of our most recent Mini Debates lesson plan (useful expressions to use in debates), and make copies for your students. A NEW How to Compare and Contrast lesson is also available in our Writing section, and could be tied into this theme.

Chinese New Year Lesson

Are you looking for a Chinese New Year lesson? Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the lunar calendar (Feb 19, 2015) and lasts for about 15 days. Try our newly designed Chinese New Year lesson anytime between now and early March. This fun and informative lesson is suitable for intermediate to high-intermediate English learners, and it is one of the most popular lessons in our library.

Our newly designed Chinese New Year lesson includes:

  • listening podcast (optional) 
  • a reading about the history and traditions associated with Chinese New Year 
  • comprehension questions
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • a pair information gap activity
  • discussion questions
  • a list of “red” idioms and a follow-up writing exercise
  • a Find Someone Who activity (reviewing “red” idioms)
  • answer key/teachers’ notes



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