A "Firestorm" Over E-Cigarettes

What is all the fuss about?

You read eBooks and write email, but would you smoke e-cigarettes? These electronic smoking devices are used like a cigarette, but they don’t make real smoke. E-cigarettes are designed to help smokers quit smoking, but many health professionals are worried that these alternatives are just as addictive. (Check out our grammar post on Addictive Vs. Addicting.)

A Reading

Do you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom? Share this report about e-cigarettes with your students. This article is written at an accessible level and includes some interesting vocabulary and idioms. The suggestions below can be used with Page 1 of the article.

Review Vocabulary and Language Chunks

ignite a firestorm
What is all of the fuss about?
opt for
quickly dissipates
do-it-yourself (used as an adjective)
comes in all shapes and sizes

Comprehension Questions

1. What position does Craig Youngblood take in the debate?
2. How does Norman Edelman’s viewpoint differ from Youngblood’s?
3. Why does the article mention gunpowder?
4. In what ways does an e-cigarette resemble a cigarette?

Discussion Questions

1. Should the FDA ban e-cigarettes?
2. Do you think other countries will ban these devices or prevent them from being used in public places?
3. If one of your loved ones smoked, would you recommend this device? Why or why not?
4. If you are a smoker, would you use this device? Why or why not?

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