Apostrophe Roundup

Yee-haw! It’s (not “its”) an apostrophe roundup!

August 15, 2014, is International Apostrophe Day! This tiny but important punctuation mark can be seen all over the Internet lately in social media images mocking its (not “it’s”) misuse. English language learners (not to mention native speakers) often have trouble using this little guy correctly. In honor of this holiday and in the hopes of lessening the confusion over this diminutive mark, I’ve rounded up all the posts I’ve written on this topic into one place.

ESL Library also has a NEW lesson in our Writing section: How to Use an Apostrophe. Students learn and practice using apostrophes correctly, and they see many examples of common errors. In my opinion, all textbooks should include a helpful lesson like this!


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Commonly Confused Words

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Teaching Tips on They’re, Their, and There

Teaching Tips on You’re and Your

Teaching Tips: Who’s Vs. Whose


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For Us Canucks

Tim Hortons, Hortons’, or Horton’s? Donut or Doughnut?


How to Use an Apostrophe



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