Podcast: Ordering Fast Food

Podcast: Ordering Fast Food

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Ordering Fast Food Lesson PlanIn English-speaking countries, non-native speakers have to read a menu and order food in English. They also have to respond to standard questions and state any food preferences they may have. At busy fast-food restaurants, this needs to be done quickly. Miscommunication can lead to a disappointing meal. Taking too long at the counter, can cause frustration for restaurant workers and other customers. ESL Library has a NEW Everyday Dialogues lesson plan on Ordering Fast Food. In this lesson, students read a short dialogue and practice useful phrases to use at a fast-food counter or drive-thru window. Students also work in pairs to write and practice their own dialogues. This week’s podcast features a model conversation from the lesson plan.

To see the full transcript and use the ready-made lesson plan in class, log in to ESL Library and choose our Everyday Dialogues section. You may also be interested in our editor’s post about Fast Food Vocabulary: American Vs. British English and our collection of ESL Materials related to Food. 

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Your students can also find this episode on iTunes. This is episode #218.

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