Animal Testing: Life After The Laboratory

Life After the Laboratory

“This law is simple, compassionate, and common-sense. If a dog or cat is used in a tax-payer funded research experiment and is healthy at its end the lab must offer them up to public adoption through a rescue organization.”
~ Kevin Chase

An animal activist group called The Beagle Freedom Project is celebrating a milestone this month. On May 20, 2014, Minnesota became the first US state (and the first political body) to mandate a chance at adoption for dogs and cats used for laboratory testing. The Beagle Freedom Bill is a major accomplishment for animal activists since animals test subjects in the US are typically euthanized when their work is finished. Animal lovers, including the Beagle Freedom Project members, hope that news about this law quickly spreads throughout the US and around the world.

The Beagle Freedom Project group points out that beagles are commonly used for testing cosmetics, drugs, and household items because they are a kind and docile species. These are the same reasons why they are one of the top choices for family pets.

Authentic Materials for Classroom Discussion

Do you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom? Here is a video that was published by Beagle Freedom Project this month. According to the activists, these 9 beagles were released from their cages, given names, and allowed to enjoy sunshine and grass for the first time. Watch the video with your students and have a discussion about animal testing.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does this video make you feel?
  2. How important is the music in this video?
  3. Are you skeptical about the authenticity of this story? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  4. Does this video change how you feel about animal testing?
  5. Some people think murderers in prison cells would be better test subjects than innocent animals. How do you feel about that argument?
  6. What other information about this law or this organization do you want to know? How could you find out more about it?

Mini Debates: Animal Testing

ESL Lesson Plan on Animal Testing
Our lesson plan library has a ready-made lesson plan about Animal Testing. You can find it in our Mini Debates section. This lesson plan is about the EU ban on cosmetic testing on animals. It includes a reading, vocabulary review, comprehension questions, and debate topics. Useful expression for debating are included.


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