Podcast: Giving Step-by-Step Instructions & Following Procedures

Podcast: Giving Step-by-Step Instructions & Following Procedures

Your students are probably used to listening to you give instructions. But do they know how to give other people step-by-step instructions? They may need to teach a friend how to make something or teach a driver how to get somewhere. Today’s podcast offers some useful expressions and transitions that students can use when asking others to follow step-by-step instructions and procedures. These expressions are taken from our ready-made Functional English lesson plan titled Following Procedures (previously Giving Instructions). 


Things to Listen For

  • An Introduction
  • Transitional Words & Phrases for Step-by-Step Instructions (First, Second, Lastly)
  • An Example with Imperative Verbs: How to Use a Coffee Machine
  • Useful Words and Phrases for Offering Feedback and Help
  • A Conclusion

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