Podcast: Easter and Spring Idioms

When it rains, it pours!

The past few weeks have been really busy for the ESL Library team. We had the TESOL convention, the Shorty Awards, and a bunch of new Holiday materials to work on. We’re also working on our new website and the launch of a new lesson section on Writing.

Earlier this week, our editor was off for a short “getaway” and our designer was ill. An idiomatic way of expressing business (or difficult things that happen in a short amount of time) is, “When it rains, it pours!”.

This week on our podcast, we’re sharing spring and Easter idioms. Robyn (despite being “under the weather”) designed a new poster of idioms and expressions that your students can look at while they listen. We think it’s fun and useful to depict idioms and expressions in a literal way because it makes them easier to remember.

Happy Easter!

Click the image for the FREE printable PDF.

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