ESL Winter Olympics Lesson Plans and Materials

Winter Olympics Lesson Plan

The Winter Olympics begins this week, and ESL-Library has you covered for materials!

A NEW Ready-Made Winter Olympics Lesson Plan

This intermediate lesson plan can be found in our Holidays & Events section.

  • warm-up questions
  • a reading (listening here) about the history of the Winter Olympics  
  • comprehension questions
  • vocabulary review activities and flashcards
  • discussion questions
  • a pair guessing game (Going for Gold!)
  • a grammar review exercise (superlative and comparative adjectives)
  • a listening gap-fill
  • a video activity (optional)

Winter Olympics ESL Lesson Plan
Our library also has a ready-made Famous Things lesson plan that looks further back at the history of the Olympic Games.

A NEW Winter Olympics Flashcard Set

Our NEW Winter Olympics Flashcard set contains all of the images you will need to review the winter sporting events at this year’s Olympics. Find tons of ideas for using these flashcards on our blog!

A Winter Olympics Podcast (FREE)

Share our Winter Olympics podcast episode with your English learners. You can assign it as a homework activity or download it and use it in class. A gap-fill version of the reading is available to print out on the last page of our Winter Olympics lesson plan. The audio is also available on iTunes. If you’re not a subscriber yet, listen to our podcasts to see if the content is appropriate for your learners. See How To Improve Listening Skills With Podcasts.

Olympic Grammar Tips

In case you missed Tanya’s post last year, be sure to join in the Olympics – Singular or Plural? debate. You’ll also find a post on our sister site on Comparatives and Superlatives with an additional post on hosting your own Superlative Games. Tanya’s most post recent Olympic post includes some important rules about capitalization: Let the Grammar Games Begin!

A Vocabulary Lesson for Young Learners

Over on our sister site, you’ll find a NEW vocabulary lesson plan for young learners. The Sprout English team just published a gorgeous eight-page Olympic Word Bank lesson full of images and words that young learners will be using throughout the Olympic season!

I told you we had you covered! If you’re not a subscriber yet, we hope our latest collection of materials will help you see why so many teachers find it useful to be a member of ESL-Library. And now, over to Sochi. Let the Games begin!

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  1. Linda Powell says:

    Feb 10, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Dear Tara,
    Your Winter Olympic lessons look awesome.
    I am a Literacy Volunteer working with adult ESL students mostly from China, Korea, Pakistan, Puerto Rico,and Russia. We meet at a public library in Clifton Park, NY. Is there a way to get a free trial? Materials like yours are not funded. I pay out of pocket.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Linda Powell, retired librarian
    NY Greater Capital Region Literacy Volunteer

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