Podcast – Winter Olympics

Podcast – Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is rolling around again! Our team of teachers, writers, editors, artists, and designers worked very hard on this lesson, and we are very proud of the finished product! Today’s podcast features a reading from our intermediate Holiday & Events lesson plan about the Winter Olympics.

In the full lesson plan, English learners read some interesting history about the Winter Olympics. They answer comprehension questions, review vocabulary, and practice using superlative and comparative adjectives. They also watch a video (optional) and learn the names of all of the winter events. This lesson includes a competitive guessing game where your students will “Go for Gold”, as well as a matching activity from our Winter Olympics flashcard set. Use this audio with the optional gap-fill activity on the final page.

To see the full transcript and use our ready-made lesson plan in class, log in to ESL Library and choose the intermediate Winter Olympics lesson from our Holidays & Events section.

Check out our Lesson Collection on The Olympics for many more related materials.

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