ESL-Library's Facebook Page Hits 100,000

The Red River Press team is proud to announce that ESL-Library’s Facebook Page just passed 100,000 likes! We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we like it, and we think it means you like us!

The best part about having so many teachers liking our Facebook Page is that we can connect with teachers from all over the world. Our #1 goal for having a social media presence is to interact with teachers to find out what they want and need. The ESL-Library team is made of teachers who know how demanding the job is. We take requests and love feedback, so don’t be shy! If you love ESL-Library, we want to know why. And if you want something new, tell us that, too!

In celebration of reaching 100,000 “likes” we asked our Facebook friends to tell us what they love about teaching English. ¬†We received over 75 responses and 15,000 views in just a few hours. The responses were incredible, and it was difficult to pick a winner. We all decided that Nadia L’s response was perfect, and fit for the holidays. Nadia received a free subscription to ESL-Library for 2014. Please stop by our page to read why Nadia and other teachers love teaching English (Dec 17).

Thanks for your support, friends! See you on Facebook!



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