NFL Player Suspended For Bullying

What’s the difference between bullying and hazing?

An NFL player for the Miami Dolphins recently walked off his team after suffering abuse from a fellow player. The “bully” has since been suspended by the NFL. Do you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom? Are you looking for something current to talk about? Find an article or video that covers the recent story about bullying and hazing in the NFL. Then talk about bullying and hazing and how it works its way into sports.

Here is an article (with video) that you could share with your advanced students: CBC: Miami Dolphins Bullying Scandal

“Rookie treatment, if you will, is widespread in the NFL, but in a benign nature – carrying bags, duct-taping guys to the goal posts, thing of that nature. Even buying meals for players, but clearly … this is way overboard,” said Brown. “This is atypical and it’s totally repulsive.” James Brown, CBC
~ Dr. Gail Saltz

Discussion Questions

Here are some discussion questions that you could use in class:
How does “hazing” differ from “bullying”?
How hard do you think it was for Jonathan Martin to step out and report this case of bullying?
How is bullying in the NFL different from bullying in the schoolyard?


Here are some words from the article above that your learners may need help with:

  • rookie
  • revelation
  • barrage
  • menacing
  • juvenile
  • sophmore
  • go overboard
  • ringleader

Discussion Starters

Hazing Lesson PlanIf your students are interested in this topic, we hope you’ll try our related Discussion Starter lesson plans on Bullying and Hazing. Check out our podcast preview of these lessons before you try them in class. Bullying Podcast | Hazing Podcast If your students are interested in football, we also have a Famous Things lesson plan for you to try. Check out the Football podcast.




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