Don't Bring Guns Into Starbucks

Testing Out The Flipped Classroom Approach

Are your students interested in talking about gun control? Do you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom? Why not try the flipped classroom approach? In a flipped (reverse) classroom, teachers assign a reading or video for homework, and save classroom time for follow up discussion and interaction with the material. If you want to give this approach a try with your high-intermediate or advanced adult or teen learners, ESL-Library recommends this short article and video from CNN.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has respectfully requested that gun owners not bring guns into Starbucks coffee shops. The CEO has stated that this is not a ban, and gun holders will still be served. However, he wants gun owners to realize that Starbucks establishments are intended for relaxation, and that some patrons feel uncomfortable when patrons are carrying guns.

“We do believe that guns do not belong in the Starbucks experience.
~ Howard Schultz

Video Discussion Questions

Should guns be allowed in coffee shops?
What do you think the main reason is for this announcement by Starbucks?
What does the CEO mean when he says “Starbucks is not a policy maker”?
Do you agree with the CEO that “America has lost its conscience”?
Do you think this decision will impact Starbucks’ bottom line?


Here are some useful words and phrases that ESL learners may need help with. Explore the vocabulary in the context of the video, and have students come up with definitions and example sentences. You could also have them paraphrase and act out the interview.

seismic changes
lack of leadership
trials and tribulations
deeply rooted
crossing the line
bottom line

The Gun Control Debate – A Lesson Plan

Mini-Debates Lesson Plan on Gun LawsIf your students are interested in this topic, we hope you’ll try our related lesson plan on the Gun Control Debate from our Mini-Debates section. In this lesson, students read about and discuss gun control and gun violence around the world. A variety of debate topics are provided. The lesson includes vocabulary review tasks and discussion questions.


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