Assisted Suicide And The Right To Die

Do your students have opinions about assisted suicide and the right to die? If you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom and your students are interested in talking about real-life issues, have a look at this CBC article and video (with transcript) about a Canadian woman who was suffering from a rare disease called multiple system atrophy. Susan Griffiths traveled to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal. The day before she took her lethal cocktails, she recorded a message for the Canadian government.

“Just please, members of Parliament, get going on discussing making the end of people’s lives a lot easier than mine has been.” ~Susan Griffiths

[youtube HpQCh1kskAk]


Vocabulary and expressions from the video and article

Here are some collocations, expressions, and words that you may want to pre-teach before you show the video (also embedded below) and read the article and transcript:

  • robbing someone of something
  • settle in
  • temper the taste
  • for heaven’s sake
  • of sound mind
  • for ages and ages
  • pester
  • uproot

A Lesson Plan on the Right To Die

Right To Die ESL Lesson Plan If your students are interested in this topic, you can also find a new Right To Die lesson plan in the ESL-Library. This Mini Debates lesson plan on the Right To Die features the story of Susan Griffiths and others who have traveled to Switzerland to die.  Our Mini-Debates include a warm up, vocabulary review exercises, a reading, as well as discussion and debate questions. We also have a Famous People lesson plan on Dr. Kevorkian.

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