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Ideas for using “School-Themed” Flashcards

Flashcards – In and At SchoolOur artist Katelin has been very busy updating many of ESL-Library’s flashcard sections. You (subscribers) can display our flashcards on your IWBs and computer screens or print them  in color or black and white. You can choose how many images you want on one page, and whether you want them printed with or without the vocabulary under the image. If you’re teaching vocabulary related to school, you are going to love these new sets for “In and At School”. Thanks, Katelin!

Index of School-Themed Flashcards

At School : Indoor and outdoor areas of the school
Classroom Actions: Common action verbs used by students and teachers
In the Class : School supplies and furniture you find in the classroom
People at School: Teachers, administrators, and support staff
School Subjects: Not just math and English! We have images of geometry, drama, and home ec!

Suggested Activities for using School-Themed Flashcards

What’s my job?
Stick a “People in the School” card on the back of each student. Have students go around the room trying to figure out what their job is. They can only ask yes/no questions. When they get the answer right, they switch their card to the front. They can then start acting like their character as the other students figure out who they are.

Hot Seat
Put your class in two groups. Choose two captains. Place captains in chairs facing away from the board. Paste a large sized flashcard  on the board. (You can choose the size when you print the cards out.) The rest of the class has to get their team captain to guess the word by talking about it. You can decide whether or not gestures are allowed. The first captain to guess correctly gets out of the hot seat and gets a point. A new captain is chosen. Warning: It will get loud in your classroom!

Spelling Bee
Pull out a card and have students try to spell the word. Each time students spell the word correctly they get a point. Make this spelling bee more active by requiring students to stand up and do jumping jacks while they spell!

Pronunciation Bee
Just like a spelling bee, but students have to pronounce the words properly.

Better than
Gather all of the school subject cards. Take out two at a time and ask students which subject like better. Have lower-level students say a complete sentence: “I like geography better than math.” Encourage higher-level students to explain why they like one subject better than the other.

Use the  “In the Class” cards (school supplies and furniture) for this game. As you show a card, ask students if you have this item in their classroom: Do we have a chair in the classroom? (Students point at a chair.) Do we have an eraser in the classroom? You can make it fun by having a “no voices allowed” rule. After you have reviewed some of the objects, have students take turns being the teacher. If one of the new “teachers” draws a card but can’t remember the name of the object, they have to give up their role to another student.

School Days
Use all of the flashcards from the In and At School set except “Classroom Actions”. Hold up one card. Invite students to share any memory they have about the object, subject, action or person. Encourage them to start with the phrase: “I remember when…” or “That reminds me of …”

Shout the Verb
Use the Classroom Actions set. Invite a student to pick a card from the set and show the other students. The card chooser will say: What is the person/are the people doing? The first person to shout the correct verb gets to pull the next card.

Create your own School-Themed Quizzes and Materials

Subscribers can make their own quizzes and materials using our flashcards. All you need to do is log in and drag the images you want onto a document that you are writing. Please use your materials for personal classroom use only. Check out this post for a demonstration (scroll down to the video demo).

Coming in February 2013

If you teach low-level learners, please try our NEW Simple Sentences lesson plan on School. Simple Sentences is a theme-based vocabulary building section for beginner English learners. In addition to learning and reviewing basic vocabulary, students practice simple English sentences using visual cues. This lesson features vocabulary review exercises, useful expressions, and a picture dictionary that your students can complete.


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  1. Michelle Sans says:

    Jan 12, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Thanks–I like these ideas and will certainly use some of them. I’m teaching low beginner adult classes this semester, and it’s been difficult to find appropriate materials that are interesting for adults and build on each other. I was very happy to find pre-beginner and beginner materials on your site. I hope you’ll keep adding to them.
    Thanks again.

    • Tara Benwell says:

      Jan 12, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for your message! We are gradually adding more lessons for beginners and are updating many of our old flashcard sets. This year we’ll be developing some literacy materials that go with the most popular flashcard sets. We’ll also be adding to our NEW Super Simple Questions section. Be sure to check out our Resources section too. You’ll find printables that might come in handy, such as Following the Teachers’ Instructions: https://esllibrary.com/resources/2215. Let us know if you have any specific requests.

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