Podcast: Grammar Stories – Adjective Clauses and Phrases

Podcast: Grammar Stories – Adjective Clauses and Phrases

Note: This ESL Library lesson has been recently edited. New audio to match the lesson is coming soon!

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Adjective Clauses and PhrasesAre your students ready to learn about adjective clauses and phrases? Reading and listening to grammar in context is a great way to reinforce a new grammar point. After all, this is how native English speakers absorb grammar without realizing it. Our podcast today is an audio preview of our ready-made Grammar Stories lesson plan on “Adjective Clauses and Phrases”. The full lesson plan includes 3 readings (blog posts written by Adele), 3 question sets, and a page of grammar review activities. Please try this lesson plan with your language learners when they’re ready to try using adjective clauses and phrases.


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