15+ Yummy Activities and Resources for Teaching About Food

Shelly Terrell shares tips for this month’s teaching theme: Teaching About Food

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~ Virginia Woolf

Turkey FlashcardOne of the best topics to teach as a language teacher is food. Language learners will use vocabulary and phrases related to food during their travels or while hosting guests from other countries. Moreover, teachers can teach math, instructions, health, poverty, culture, etiquette, and more while teaching about food. The activity ideas and resources below will help you have a successful food unit.

Activities and Ideas

Food Vocabulary

Food and Culture
Students can learn about various cultures and traditions by studying various cuisines and the food within an area. Here are a few lesson ideas:

  • Have students teach the class a food tradition or custom. This can be one they are familiar with like making tea or it can be one they research.
  • Pair or group students and have them research the food manners or etiquette in a country. The students then role play in front of the class what they learned. A digital option is to get students to use a multimedia tool like Voicethread to share these etiquette rules through images, audio, and doodling.
  • Pair or group students and have them plan a trip to a different country. They must come up with a list of restaurants they would like to visit and detail what they would order. Students then role play being at the restaurant and ordering the menu items.

Recipes offer students a way to learn vocabulary in chunks through performing tasks and following instructions. Students learn about portion sizes, cooking tasks, ingredients, and cookware. Moreover, students are rewarded for their efforts by being able to taste what they cooked. Here are a few lesson ideas:

  • Skype a local or famous chef, a student from a cooking school, a cookbook writer, or other food expert and have them teach the class how to prepare something simple
  • Assign a project where students work in pairs or groups to teach the class how to cook a chosen recipe
  • Have students create a short how-to video in which they teach others how to cook a meal or perform a cooking task like boiling an egg or chopping onions. They can upload these to Youtube. You can find several examples of these videos to show your students by doing a search on Youtube.
  • Have students use a multimedia scrapbooking tool like Mixbook to share a few of their favorite recipes accompanied by pictures and memories.
  • Create a class recipe ebook on Google Docs or BoomWriter in which each student submits a recipe and shows step by step instructions through pictures.

Digital Dialogues About Food

  • Students can create a video dialogue between 2 or more fictitious characters using digital storytelling tools like GoAnimate, Xtranormal, Dvolver, and ZimmerTwins.
  • Students can create a digital comic of a conversation involving food with tools like
    ToonDoo, Make Beliefs Comix, and Creaza. Be sure to check out this post,
    Create Your Own Cartoons for Teaching Languages.
  • Here are a few ideas of dialogues students can create: a conversation between a waiter and customer, a customer complaining about the food, a conversation between a couple on a date at a restaurant, parents with noisy children, students ordering food in a school cafeteria, a conversation between two food critics who disagree, a food fight, people critiquing the food at a party or event, friends ordering at a food court, a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian ordering food, friends shopping at the grocery store, friends shopping at a farmer’s market

More Great Websites and Resources

Find more ideas of how to effectively teach food by visiting the resources below:

Check out ESL-Library’s list of materials for Teaching About Food.

What other ideas do you have?

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