Alternative Fitness

Do you feel another health kick coming on?

ESL Flashcards Will you be talking about ways to stay fit in the new year? If you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom, The Huffington Post recently published an article called New Exercises for Fitness. Check out the reading level to see if it is suitable for your English learners. In this article, your students can learn about 7 new ways people are staying fit. Put your students in pairs or small groups and assign one type of fitness to each grouping. Challenge your students to learn a bit more about the sport you assigned them. Then invite your students to teach each other about the sport they researched. Which sport sounds the most interesting, the most challenging, the most fun…? Why do people become interested in fitness at the beginning of a new year? How important is it to enjoy what you do for exercise? 

Fun and useful expressions and vocabulary from the article:

  • You’re in luck.
  • a host of new…
  • heart-pumping
  • spice up
  • wind up with
  • decipher
  • sneak in
  • to up your heart rate
  • for good measure
  • entered the mainstream
  • a happy medium
  • popping up everywhere
  • ubiquitous (this is a fun word for pronunciation practice)

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