Podcast – Cosmetic Surgery

Podcast: Cosmetic Surgery

Is going under the knife becoming a way of life?

We recently received a suggestion from one of our subscribers. This is what she wrote:

“I love your Discussion Starters! They have been very useful to augment our school’s curriculum. Here’s a suggestion for another discussion starter: Cosmetic/plastic surgery. Have fun with it. Korean students have had eyelid surgery, Brazilian students are quite used to the idea of plastic surgery yet the Japanese or European students are horrified. An interesting topic.”

Thank you for your suggestion! We did have fun with it. Our ready-made intermediate Discussion Starters lesson plan Cosmetic Surgery is now available in the lesson plan library. Today’s podcast for English learners is an audio preview of this ready-made lesson plan. The Cosmetic Surgery lesson comes with a reading, vocabulary review, and discussion questions. If your students want to keep talking, we also have a Mini-Debates lesson plan on Teen Botox.

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