A Discussion Topic For Anti-Bullying Week

Students Hide Talents from Bullies

It’s anti-bullying week in the UK, and the BBC has just released the results of an interesting survey that could spark some great discussion in your classroom. The  study suggests that many students are hiding their talents and skills to avoid being targeted by bullies.

Are you looking for something to talk about with your English learners this week? Do you enjoy using authentic materials?

The article Pupils Hiding Talents From Bullies is a relatively short and simple text that teen and adult students will find very engaging. The survey results suggest that up to half of UK children between the ages of 11-16 have hidden their talents and skills to avoid being bullied. Share this article with your English learners to get them talking about this fascinating issue. After the discussion, invite your students to create anti-bullying posters for your classroom. Challenge them to come up slogans, such as “Don’t Let Bullies Rob you of your Talents!”

A Lesson Plan on Bullying

Bullying Lesson PlanIf you’re going to be talking about bullying in class, we hope you’ll try our popular Discussion Starters lesson plan on Bullying. Here in Canada, many young people recently had a wakeup call about the dangers of bullying, following the suicide of a bullied teen named Amanda Todd. Last month we shared Amanda Todd’s heartbreaking video on our blog, with a few ideas for showing it in the classroom. A teacher who used our lesson plan on bullying and showed the bullied victim’s video to her middle-schoolers had this to say:

“Loved the blog and discussion starter on bullying. I was hesitant about showing the [Amanda Todd] video to my 7th and 8th grade students, but after checking with their parents, I did. It was very moving for them and produced a lot of conversation and attempts that they often don’t make.”

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Podcast on BullyingNot a member yet? Check out this Podcast preview of our Bullying lesson plan to see if this material would be of interest to your students. If you think your students would enjoy lessons like this, and you like the idea of a digital library, please join! We also recommend this discussion topic and video: Bullied Bus Monitor Inspires Human Kindness


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