NYC Soda Ban Approved

New York City’s Board of Health has approved Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on extra large sweetened beverages. When the ban comes into effect, restaurants, food carts, and sporting venues in NYC will not be allowed to sell soft drinks and other sweetened beverages in cups that are larger than 16 ounces.  

Are you looking for something to talk about in class this week? Do you enjoy using authentic materials? Share this story with your English learners. The Huffington Post has a great video that features New Yorkers commenting on the ban. Here are some questions to discuss with your students after sharing the article or showing the video. If you teach low level learners, simply paraphrase the article for them.

1. Why are some people against the ban?

2. What is the mayor’s goal?

3. Do you agree with the ban? Why or why not?

4. Is a ban like this needed in countries outside of America?

5. What different arguments were used by the nutritionists in the slideshow?

6. What else should be banned to prevent obesity?


ESL Lesson Plan ObesityIf your students are interested in this topic, please share our Discussion Starters lesson plan on Obesity. (Podcast preview here.) You may also be interested in our Mini-Debates lesson plan about Junkfood At School, which discusses the banning of junk food in vending machines.  Check out our Health Matters section  for more related lessons. If anyone in your class wants to share a thought about the soda ban or obesity in general, please ask them to leave a comment. We would love to hear from your students!


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