Podcast: Grammar Stories – Adverbs of Time

Stories: Adverbs of Time

Note: This ESL Library lesson has been recently edited. New audio to match the lesson is coming soon!

Adverbs of TimeAre your students practising  adverbs of time? Are you looking for supplementary resources to use in class? Practicing grammar in context is a great way for students to learn how to use it properly. Today’s podcast is from our “Adele’s Blog” series in our Grammar Stories section. It features a reading from three blog posts written by “Adele”. Are you familiar with this series?  In this series, Adele’s blog readers (your students) can listen to the posts as they read along. In this episode, Adele has written an About Page for her blog. She has also written about her gymnastics team, and her life as a vegetarian. You can pre-teach adverbs of time and then use the stories, or use the stories as a preview to your lesson about adverbs of time. The ESL-Library also has grammar practice worksheets that you can use to teach adverbs of time. Your students can practice reading the stories out loud or even recording them for pronunciation practice. The worksheet that goes with this podcast includes three stories, three question sets, and an extra writing activity. Preview all of ESL-Library’s Grammar Stories here.

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