Virtual Pop Stars

Will Virtual Pop Stars be the Future Famous People?

We have English lesson plans on a lot of Famous People in our library. What we don’t have are lesson plans on virtual people. Hatusune Miku, a computer generated pop star, is selling out concerts in Japan. In addition to being projected on stage for a live audience, her shows are played in cinemas, and streamed live for online audiences. According to this Huffington Post article, some online polls suggest that the singer should be the headliner for the opening ceremony at the London Olympics!

Are you looking for something fun to talk about in class? Do you enjoy using authentic materials? Share this article with your students from the Huffington Post: Hatsune Miku Sells Out Shows in Tokyo. Note that the video on this page is no longer available. If you want to show your students video of this virtual pop star, try this source.
Here are a few questions to get your students talking after reading the article and showing the video clip.

  • Why do you think this virtual pop star appeals to fans?
  • How is anime different from other types of art?
  • How does this pop star make music? (Your students may need to do a little research.)
  • Is this the future of music?
  • How do you think real pop stars feel about Miku?

“She never misses a beat, fluffs a line or messes up a step. But then she doesn’t really exist.” Chris Meyers, Reuters

Discussion question: How does Miku compare to a real artist who lip-syncs at live events?

Our Famous People section features many  full-length lessons on real-life pop stars. If your students are interested in celebrities, be sure to check out this section.

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