Lady Gaga: A Conversation Piece

Was Lady Gaga born this way?

A picture of Lady Gaga in one of her crazy costumes might be enough to get your students talking, but why is this celebrity such a conversation piece? Is there more to Lady Gaga than her unique look? Oprah Winfrey recently sat down with this unique pop star to find out more about her. According to Lady Gaga, the interview with Oprah will be the last one for a while. Do you enjoy using authentic materials in the classroom? Are your students interested in celebrities? Share this clip with your students from the Huffington Post: Lady Gaga, Oprah Interview
Here are a few questions to get your students talking after watching the video clip.

  • What does “to outdo yourself” mean?
  • Why does Lady Gaga talk about a hallway?
  • What does Lady Gaga “shut off” in order to increase her creativity?
  • In what ways are Lady Gaga and Oprah similar?
  • In what ways are Lady Gaga and Oprah different?

“For being different, it’s easy. But to be unique, it’s a complicated thing.” Lady Gaga

Discussion question: What’s the difference between being “different” and being “unique”? What makes Lady Gaga “unique”? Is Oprah “unique”?

Teach your students some new words to describe Lady Gaga, such as: kooky, odd, quirky, whimsical, wild, bizarre, abnormal, out in left field, eccentric, whacky, ridiculous…Show some Lady Gaga costumes to practise or introduce these and other adjectives.

Oprah LessonOur Famous People section features a full-length lesson on Oprah Winfrey. If your students are interested in Oprah, be sure to print out this lesson.

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