Flashcards for New Year's

Today’s Flashcard Friday post is all about New Year’s Flashcards!
New Year's Flashcards

Are you an ESL-Library subscriber? If so, why not build your own New Year’s flashcard set? Previously on Flashcard Friday, we showed you how you can build your own set for a special occasion like a field trip. You can also build a set for a holiday or event that you are going to be talking about or reviewing in class. Watch the video for instructions on customizing, saving, and printing your own personalized flashcard set using our library of images.

New Year's flashcardsSee the image above for a collection of words from our library that we suggest for a New Year’s set. You can find all of these images in our library  to get your students talking about their own New Year’s traditions. The words we chose include clothes, jewelry, places, actions, and beverages related to New Year’s Eve and Day. Even though most of the ESL-Library team celebrates New Year’s in the snow, we know from our New Year’s around the World lessons that many of you  are having picnics and BBQ’s to ring in the new year!

Use the Search button on ESL-Library to look for words that you think belong in a New Year’s set. Then, add the flashcards to one of your My Library folders. You have one for Holiday resources, right? In your folder, make sure to add the New Year’s lessons, including our beginner and high-intermediate lesson, and our Chinese New Year lesson. In your folder notes you may want to include a link to our New Year’s podcasts high intermediate and beginner)

Why Flashcards?

Have your students been away from the classroom for a few weeks? Images are a great way to get your students speaking in English again. You can use the flashcards to review tenses that you were working on before the break. Hold up or pass out flashcards and have students talk about 2011 or 2012 using the image you are holding. If you have a new group of students, a few flashcards can help them feel more confident or secure. To break the ice, simply spread out a set of flashcards and have students choose a few that they can talk about with a partner. (You may want to print out a set from the Flashcard Library, such as a feelings and conditions.) Or, send them around the room exchanging flashcards and conversations.

Flashcards are also useful for playing traditional language review games like charades, hot seat, pictionary, and chain stories. They can also be used as writing prompts for pair activities and homework. More on this in the new year…

Happy New Year!

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