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Today’s Flashcard Friday post is all about Field Trips! I’ve just returned from a field trip with a group of Grade 2s who were studying traditions. We visited a pioneer village where British, Scottish, German and Mennonite families were demonstrating how they celebrated the holidays in 1914. Christmas Flashcards
Will you be taking your students on a field trip this year? Field trips can be challenging for teachers and parents when the language of the children is different than the language of the workers or volunteers. Flashcards are useful for giving students a better idea about what they are going to see on their trip. The trip will go more smoothly if your students know what to expect and what is expected of them. Images can also help reinforce rules and safety tips. You can even bring the cards along with you to help with special needs students. The ESL-Library flashcard system allows you to search for images that you need for each trip. You can collect the images in a special folder to use again.

How to Make a Customized Flashcard Set for your Field Trip

1) First, make a list of keywords related to your field trip. (If you’ve been on the trip before, you know what types of things and people you will see. If you haven’t, ask another teacher or call the place you are visiting for details. ) You will search for these images in the Flashcard Library.

a) For example, we went on a trip to talk about Christmas traditions. Here are some of the items we saw:

  • Christmas tree
  • house
  • gift
  • toys
  • cookies
  • candy canes
  • store
  • blacksmith
  • poor families

Bus Driver Flashcardb) Next, think about your transportation. If you are taking the bus add bus and bus driver to your search list. You’ll want to remind your students to sit on the bus and to thank the bus driver!

c)  Think about any rules or safety instructions that you want to pre-teach or review. Here are some you may need:

  • walk
  • quiet
  • sit down (on the bus)
  • lunch
  • clock (Print a few blank clocks for arrival, departure and meeting times with the flash card “blank clock” under the section “Time”.)
  • speak English
  • line up

Winter Clothing Flashcardsd) Think about any clothing reminders you may have. Today, the kids were reminded to bring and keep track of hats, mittens, and scarves. We added these words to our set.

2) Go to ESL-Library’s Search box and search for all of the items on your list. Each time you find a word, click the + sign to add it to your set. All of the words you select will appear in a list on your left. To remove any of the items, click the minus sign. (Make a note of any words that you could not find in the ESL-Library.)

Flashcard File Folder3) Click on Save your set. Create a suitable folder name for this set. For example: Pioneer Village Christmas Field Trip. Add any notes you want, such as a reminder that there is a related lesson in the ESL-library or blog.

4) Click on Print to customize your settings. Choose the colour and size settings you want for your flashcards. (Do you want text or not?) View as PDF to see what your flashcards will look like.

5) Print your Flashcards. Review these words with your students prior to your trip.

Use your flashcard set to review the field trip when you get back to class too!

You can also use the flashcards to create a notice or newsletter to parents about the trip. Check out our previous video tip about adding our flashcards to documents.

Video Tip: Watch Tara Create a Flashcard set for a Field Trip.

NOTE: Please email ESL-Library with any flashcards that were on your list, but came up with a “Sorry” message when you searched for it. Use the subject “Flashcard Request”. We will consider adding these flashcards to the library. For example:

Dear Ben,

Please add images for “blacksmith” (Jobs and Occupations) and “line up” (Actions and Movements). These would be very useful for our next field trip!

Thank you,

Share your own ideas, lessons, and activities related to Field Trips in the comments below. If you missed it, please check out last week’s Flashcard Friday post about Toys and Games.


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