Trail Mix

Students create their own trail mix and justify their reasons for selecting the ingredients. Which trail mix would taste the best?

Learner Level: Any
Language focus: Using “would”
Theme: Food
Time: 10 minutes +
Materials: None
Grouping: Small Groups
Preparation: 1 piece of paper and 1 pen per group

Teacher instructions

1. Ask students if they know what “trail mix” is. Why do they think this snack has this name?
2. Put students in small groups.
3. Tell students to invent their own trail mix. Group members take turns choosing one type of seed, nut, dried fruit, sweet, cereal etc. that would go into the snack. Encourage students to use the word “would” when describing their choice. One member of the group will write down the list of food that is going into the snack mix.
For Example:
Patricia: “I would add sunflower seeds because they are inexpensive and I love the taste. They are also healthy.” (The scribe writes down sunflower seeds.)

4.When each student has taken at least two turns, have the group review the mix. Would the ingredients taste good together? Why or why not? Are there some items that should be exchanged for other items. Is there a sweet and salty balance? What is a good name for this snack?
5. After a few minutes, tell your students that they have one more minute to finalize and name their trail mix. Invite the group leader to share the list of ingredients with the rest of the class.
6.Vote on the best snack mix (not including one’s own). Why would the students choose this one? Which one wouldn’t they choose?
It may be fun to actually create the winning trail mix. (Make sure to consider allergies.) Have each student bring in one small baggie of one type of food from the winning trail mix. Then mix it all together, and share it with the students. Go for a nature walk together! How does it taste?

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