August News

Planning Ahead for an Organized School Year

Lesson Plan CalendarIf you took the summer off, it’s time to start planning for September! This month we’ll be filling up our Lesson Plan Calendar with lots of different lessons that you can try with your students for the rest of 2011. We have had thousands of views of our Lesson Plan Calendar in the past few months, so we know that our subscribers appreciate being able to plan ahead. Our Lesson Plan Calendar is also helpful for our own team because it helps us stay organized. What do you do to stay organized in the classroom? Share your ideas with us and we may ask you to write a guest blog for ESL-Library.


Reform Symposium ConferenceDid you make it to the Reform Symposium last weekend? RESCON3 is a free online conference focussing on professional development for educators. All of the sessions were recorded, so if you missed it you can catch up on any of the presentations you are interested in whenever you have some free time. Don’t get stuck doing the same old thing this year! Whether it’s your classroom set up, your teaching style, or the activities you use to energize your students, be sure to change things up as you start a new semester.

New Lesson Plans this Month

In the works:

Tiny Conversations: A lesson series for absolute beginners. (Thanks for the request, teachers!)

August Features

RamadanHolidays –Ramadan (August): More than 1 billion Muslims celebrate Ramadan each year. This lesson is useful at any time during the month of August.
(NEW) This lesson now has audio.

Famous People Chilean Miners: 33 brave Chilean miners were trapped one year ago when their mine shaft caved in. On August 5th, why not use our Famous People lesson plan with your class? We have a low-intermediate and a high-intermediate version of this lesson.  There is also a Web 2.0 challenge that your students can take. Audio is included.

Lefthanders DayEvery day is a Holiday- International Lefthanders Day: This is the day people around the world can celebrate being a southpaw! (August 13)

school flashcardsFlashcardsAt School: Prepare some back-to-school flashcards before September. Our school flashcards include people who work at the school, rooms in the school, classroom actions, and school subjects. If you are looking for materials and ideas to use with your young learners, visit our sister site, English Avenue! You may also be interested in Red River Press’s NEW! titled,  Fun with Young English Learners.

Teaching Tip: Google + Circles

Google PlusHave you ever wondered whether or not you should add your students as Facebook friends? In some schools, teachers aren’t allowed to be friends with students. In other schools, there are no regulations and teachers feel torn about whether or not to add students to a site where they post so much personal information. Ignoring a friend request feels rude, but where should you draw the line between business and pleasure? Google Circles solves this problem because it allows you to share posts with specific groups of people. Create a “Student” or “Learner” Circle and use it specifically to post learning content or to have Hangouts (video chats) with your English learners. Have another Circle for your teacher friends, and one for friends and family members who are part of your personal life.

Happy teaching!

The Staff at ESL-Library


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