What am I up to?

Students listen to the list of materials and guess the activity.

Learner Level: Low intermediate +
Language focus: Listening, present progressive
Time: 5-10
Materials: None
Grouping: Whole class (or small groups with one member as speaker)
Preparation: Print this page (or look at it online in class)

Teacher instructions

1. Have all students stand up.
2. Read the list of materials in 1) out loud and wait for someone to shout out the correct activity. You can say, “I have a couch, some friends, a DVD, popcorn, and soda. What am I up to?” Students must guess using an “ing” verb: “You’re watching a movie!” They can start guessing as soon as you’ve finished saying, “What am I up to?”. If they guess incorrectly, they have to sit down and can no longer guess.

2. The first student to guess correctly gets a point. Repeat with lists 2-10. Allow students that are out to stand up again after each new puzzle (or make them wait out for one puzzle).

1. couch, friends, DVD, popcorn, soda (watching a movie)
2. soil, hose, shovel, watering can, seeds (planting a garden)
3. basket, grapes, blanket, sandwiches, Frisbee (having a picnic)
4. milk, bowl, spoon, toaster, cereal (making breakfast)
5. soap, bucket, sponge, car, hose (washing a car)
6. table, box, all of the pieces, time, patience (doing a jigsaw puzzle)
7. night light, child, glasses, lap, book (reading a goodnight story to a child)
8. coat, thread, needle, scissors, button (sewing a button on a coat)
9. bag, scale, scoop, jelly beans, pen, label (weighing jellybeans at a bulk food store)
10. house, ladder, nails or hooks, helper, bright lights (hanging outdoor Christmas lights)

3. If your students are still interested in playing after these ten puzzles, have them each come up with their own “What am I up to?” puzzle. Have students challenge a partner or the whole class.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

You may need to use different lists depending on the vocabulary level of yours students. If your class is very large, split the group up into smaller groups and print out the answers to give to one speaker.

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