Dr. Death or Dr. Compassion?

Dr. Kevorkian; A.K.A Dr. Death

Dr. KevorkianDr. Kevorkian died on June 3, 2011 at the age of 83. Unlike the patients he helped commit suicide, the famous doctor died due to natural causes. While many called him Dr. Death, others admired him. We think your students will enjoying talking about this “eccentric” doctor. You can use this Washington Post article Jack Kevorkian was really Dr. Compassion to get the discussion started. In this short article, a minsister argues that Dr. Kevorkian was following this Hippocratic Oath when he helped people die: “That into whatsoever house you shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of your power.”

If your students are interested in learning more about Dr. Kevorkian, try our NEW Famous People lesson: Dr. Kevorkian; A.K.A. Dr. Death.

Our Famous People lesson on Dr. Kevorkian includes:

  • a reading about Dr. Kevorkian
  • comprehension questions
  • discussion questions
  • vocabulary review
  • a debate topic
  • pronunciation practice
  • an interview assignment (pair writing and speaking activity)

Go to this lesson.

While our Something to Talk About suggestions are useful for getting your students involved in a group or pair discussion, the topics, articles, and videos can also be used if you are looking for something for your students to blog/Skype/or write an opinion essay about. If you teach advanced students you may want to consider showing the film “You Don’t Know Jack” in class. Al Pacino won an award for his performance as Dr. Death.

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